Beginner Guide To In-Home Care & Home Health Care

Beginners looking into in-home care or home health care in the Dallas and Fort Worth area have found this information helpful.

“What is Private Pay?” – The majority of Dallas -Fort Worth TX area senior in-home care is done as private pay, private duty caregivers through a licensed home health agency such as Care Mountain, or on a direct to hire bases. In these cases licensed home health agencies are typically considered “non-medical” with nursing aide level caregivers. For a good description of caregiver duties as nursing aides, please contact us and we can help you. You can shop around for rates among the best Dallas area home health care agencies, start, stop and change service at will.

Private pay/private duty in-home care will be mostly under your discretion, so pricing and type of schedule will be some top considerations. The cost of in-home care in the Dallas TX – Fort Worth area varies widely, so it pays to shop around. If you are looking at 24 hour in-home care, then also check into the Live-In in-home care option too (caregiver normally stays consecutive days, but does not live there), because if feasible it will almost always cost a lot less. Reputation, experience, caregiver turnover and caregiver pay should be important considerations with your pricing discovery among home health agencies. Scheduling is something very few ever figure out perfectly from the start, so consider taking this one day at a time adjusting as needed. If on a limited budget, then you will typically get the most bang for your buck with a few in-home care hours in the mornings.

“I have long term care insurance” – If you have a LTC insurance policy, please review your policy paying special attention to any grace or “out of pocket” period, and to what conditions need to be met for insurance company approval to start paying claims. Your policy will typically allocate a daily dollar amount that it will pay out. Care Mountain accepts all major long term care insurance company policies and has not been denied by any of them to date. We can greatly help you with your LTC insurance process if desired!

“I have Medicare” – If you have Medicare or Medicare supplemental insurance, then you need a doctors order for in-home care services to be provided. You will be under those guidelines as to type and duration of in-home care. With the exception of final days of life in Hospice, Medicare’s in home care typically stipulate short (1-2 hour) in and out visits once or twice a week by a registered nurse (RN), nursing aide (CNA), physical and/or occupational therapists. Your doctor can help you find a home health agency accepting Medicare or you can call Texas 211 for help with these (dial 211).

“I have Medicaid” – In Texas, Medicaid in-home care is administered through the Texas DHHS on a financial need basis. Once signed up, you will need the name of the Medicaid program you are on along with the accompanying insurance plan in order to look for approved in home providers. Finding approved providers with available caregivers may take some time in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. You will receive an approved quantity of weekly in-home care hours to work, which is typically limited and not sufficient for most people needing in home care.

“I have VA cover” – If you are part of the veterans program, then the VA Aid & Attendance program is a needs based program offered to assist with your in-home care needs. You can find out more at

We typically see clients combining Medicare or Medicaid or VA cover and supplementing it as much as possible or affordable for them with private pay care from Care Mountain.

What is the cost in the Dallas – Fort Worth TX area for senior in-home care, 24 hour home care, Alzheimer’s/dementia home care, Live in care, or home health care from a local home health agency caregiver such as those from Care Mountain? Care Mountain’s caregivers have been charging between $12 to $17 per hour for most clients wanting Live In Care, and $23 to $29 per hour for typical non-live in home care. Non-live in home care shifts can range from one hour up to 24 hours, no minimum days/hours per week, start, stop & change schedule at will. We are proud to provide our rates publicly, because you will not find materially lower rates from a local home health agency with our level of quality and tenure in the Dallas – Fort Worth TX area!